2017 South Walton RUN/SUP Race Times

September 30th, 2017

Race day proved to be a huge success with exceptional weather. Thank you for all who participated. Below are official times for respective races.


Justin CookSanta Rosa Beach, FL0:40:47
Paul LedetThibodaux, LA0:42:46
Paul ScalisiSanta Rosa Beach, FL0:44:13
Jason AdamoSanta Rosa Beach, FL0:44:50
Brent MoodyTallahasse, FL0:45:35
Kurt KottemannPoplarville, MS0:49:41
Clayton MossThomasville, GA0:51:18
Amanda AbbotSanta Rosa Beach, FL0:53:06
Kai ThomasSanta Rosa Beach, FL0:55:08
Lacey LatkovicPoplarville, MS1:00:52


Chris SingleySanta Rosa Beach, FL0:45:19
Rusty VannemanNavarre, FL0:47:34
John MaddenCrestview, FL0:50:37
Ross CarterMiramar, FL0:51:23
Tyler DohallowDestin, FL0:51:46
Greg BrockwellHomewood, AL0:52:17
Matt LauderdaleSanta Rosa Beach, FL0:54:49
Heather HarshmanSanta Rosa Beach, FL0:55:28
Kaitlin MisenheimerDestin, FL1:01:00
Jessica DennisonYoungstown, FL1:01:52
Lindsey GarnerSanta Rosa Beach, FL1:02:06
Mike KerriganSanta Rosa Beach, FL1:02:13
Karen CarterMiramar, FL1:02:59
Joe MooreSanta Rosa Beach, FL1:09:08
Selina BellSanta Rosa Beach, FL1:13:14


Karen Angelosante & Elizabeth SchwartingSanta Rosa Beach, FL0:23:17
Kerri & Dan ParkerSanta Rosa Beach, FL0:23:44
Hank Crye & Gip CryeSanta Rosa Beach, FL0:24:13
Blake & Aaron LoveSanta Rosa Beach, FL0:25:29
Coleman & Matt CryeSanta Rosa Beach, FL0:25:50

Thank you to SoWal.com for a terrific gallery showcasing the day, and for being a dedicated media sponsor.

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