Jeff Galloway Training Program coming to 30A! RUN/WALK/RUN a 5K with RUN/SUP

RUN/SUP co-owner, Darla Ogle, has just been named as a Program Director for Jeff Galloway’s proven Run/Walk/Run method.  “I am so excited to bring this training method to 30A.  We want to help you get moving, no matter what your current fitness level is, and the Galloway method is great for runners of every level and age, and is very beginner friendly at the same time.” says Darla.   To read more about his training method and philosophy, click here.

Have you ever had interest in running, but didn’t know where to start?  Or been injured in the past and want to train in a way that allows you to see progress injury free?  This is the program for you!  We will be launching an Intro to Running 5K training program to get you ready to tackle your first 5k ever or your first 5k in a while.  The main goal is for you to have fun and enjoy the process of learning to run (run/walk) or to run in a different way.



To learn more, come join us for the kickoff meeting!

AUGUST 8th, 5:30 PM
20 Gardenia Street, Cottage 2 (next to Whiskey Bravo)



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